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EV Charging Stations



electric vehicle charging stations

Ground Mounted Electric

Vehicle Charging Stations

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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, Solar Carports, PV Grid Interfaces, Electric Vehicles and EV conversions are being deployed by EV-Charge America. EV Charging Stations are being delivered and installed by EV-Charge America in select areas.


electric vehicle charging stations



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We Manufacture Electric Vehicle Charging Stations and Smart Grid Infrastructure


Proudly Manufacturing Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in our Las Vegas, USA Facilities (see tab above)


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EV Charging Stations EV2102-1 Pole Mounted

electric vehicle charging stations - wall mount EV2103-2 with Credit Card Option

electric vehicle charging stations Level II with SAEJ1772 bollard ground mount

EV2101-2_electric vehicle charging stations - Level II DUAL



Single Pole Mount

Charging Station


DUAL Wall Mount

Level II with J1772


Single Vehicle

Level II with

J1772 Connector

DUAL Vehicle

Level II Ground Mount

with Credit Card Reader


electric vehicle charging stations across America



electric vehicle charging stations dealer application



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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, entire Electric Vehicle Charging Systems, the EV electric grid infrastructure, including 100% renewable, off-grid solar, wind, geothermal and biomass is being deployed on a large-scale within both the public and private sectors today.


This environmentally responsible and economically sustainable approach to EV Charging Stations includes distributing and deploying a wireless, networked, meshed-LAN array of subscription-based EV Charging Stations that can be located anywhere on earth via Google Maps, OnStar™, Hand-held devises such as BlackBerrys and iPhones, or any other standard GPS enabled cell phone using the Charge Point Network.


Electric Vehicle Charging Station customers can locate EV Charging Stations on Google Maps prior to starting on a trip on their laptop or smart phone, and can maximize their mileage and minimize their risk of running out of electricity through this Globally deployed technological breakthrough developed and installed by EV-Charge America.


Once having arrived at a selected Electric Vehicle Charging Station, they can easily activate it, unlock it, and start the flow of electricity into their electric vehicle by waving their RFID key ring tag in front of the unit's reader.


The proprietary locking mechanism secures their Electric Vehicle Charging Station cord so that neither the cord, nor their electricity can be taken by anyone else.


The EV Charging Station keeps track of charging times, station availability, up times, down times, utilization and a host of other reporting functions.


A feature of our Electric Vehicle Charging Stations is the fact that a portion of revenues are shared with the host location EV Charging Station operators to pay for their electricity, upkeep, oversight and the capital investment of the EV Charging Stations installed on their premises.


Our fully networked, secure, but "economically-available-to-all" Electric Vehicle Charging System is built on our trend-setting and viable EV Charging Station business model. It is grounded in a sustainable economic model that will perpetually enable this advanced technology to clean the environment, reduce our dependence on foreign, fossil fuels while significantly reducing the cost of driving each mile, to approximately twenty percent of the current cost of many gasoline powered vehicles.


Additionally, EV Charge America is powering many of our EV Charging Stations with 100% clean and renewable solar energy. These Electric Vehicle Charging Stations are both on and off the electric grid and are not contributing to any hazardous carbon emissions into the atmosphere, or placing any undue loads on the electric grid.



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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations with Mayor Oscar Goodman of Las Vegas

Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman Goes "Green" with an

EVChargeAmerica 100% Electric Porsche




EV Charging Stations Dealer Opportunities


.Read Our Electric Vehicle Charging Stations New Development

Press Release below:

EV-Charge America installs new multi- vehicle charging stations at Enterprise’s rental locations




Our Electric Vehicle Charging Stations are made 100% in the USA






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