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electric vehicle  charging stations

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We Manufacture Electric Vehicle Charging Stations and Smart Grid Infrastructure


Proudly Manufacturing Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in our Las Vegas, USA Facilities (see tab above)


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electric vehicle charging stations Level II with SAEJ1772 bollard ground mount

EV2101-2_electric vehicle charging stations - Level II DUAL

EV Charging Stations EV2102-1 Pole Mounted

electric vehicle charging stations - wall mount EV2103-2 with Credit Card Option


Single Vehicle

Pole / Wall Mount

DUAL Vehicle

Pole / Wall Mount





 Single Vehicle

Ground Mount

DUAL Vehicle

Ground Mount


"The BEST VALUE in the Industry"



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electric vehicle charging stations dealer application


Our Electric Vehicle Charging Stations are made 100% in the USA



All EV Charge America Charge Net Electric Vehicle Charging Stations have embedded software with the ability to  keep track of performance statistics i.e. charging times, energy usage, available locations on Google Maps and many other built-in reporting functions, at no additional cost.


Our EV Charging Station business model requires no monthly fees, no membership requirements, and no on-going costs to the owner.


Electric Vehicle Charging Stations with Mayor Oscar Goodman of Las Vegas


Oscar Goodman, ex-Las Vegas Mayor with the

EV Charge America 100% Electric Porsche


EV Charge America installed multi- vehicle charging stations at Enterprise’s rental car locations


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