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We Manufacture Electric Vehicle Charging Stations and Smart Grid Infrastructure


Electric Vehicle Charging Stations are being installed by EVCharge America  accelerating the deployment of advanced electric vehicle transportation technologies.


Our "Charge Across America"© EV Charging Station Program is being installing in:

Municipal/Public locations;

Single Family Residences;

Multi-tenant, Condo and Apartment Buildings;

Retail, Entertainment and Recreational venues;

Federal Tax credits are still available;

Promoting Low-to-No emission vehicles.

Enhancing mobility without increasing congestion, or pollution in major urban areas.


Electric Vehicles for Fleets are now available with over 100 mile ranges.


electric vehicle charging stations work well with a fully electric vehicle fleet


Electric Vehicles are the first vehicles in the history of fleet transportation that have a true ROI payback due to not needing to purchase gas, oil, or heavy engine, transmission and coolant system maintenance ever again.

Also, with unattended fueling, drivers will never need to take time to go to the gas station, or use cash, credit cards or expense accounts for traditional high-priced fuel.

Labor cost and time is saved by eliminating these costly processes.



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Free Electricity Throughout the area with Your Own Exclusive Remote RFID Charging Stations Club Card and Subscription Plan


EV Charge America, which is head-quartered in Las Vegas, NV is  deploying smart electric vehicle charging stations and infrastructure so that consumers, businesses and municipalities can “Go Green” one-vehicle-at-a-time.

But what does it really mean to "Go Green"?® What can each of us do to help improve our environment today that’s practical, affordable and economically sustainable in the face of our current economic challenges?

The answer is to get a non-gas guzzling electric vehicle. This will eliminate the need for imported fossil fuels and you can charge it at home from your standard wall outlet for pennies a day and use networked, smart electric vehicle charging stations and infrastructure, including 100% renewable solar energy sources, while away from home.

This way you can personally help the entire country and planet "go green" by tangibly and rapidly, one-by-one, exchange those dirty vehicles for a newly converted, efficient, clean and green electric or electric-hybrid plug-in vehicle that can just now be obtained in this area.

EV Charge America is currently installing Smart EV Charging Stations across the country, both directly and through new Dealers we are recruiting daily. The electric vehicle charging stations are being located in public and private parking areas, municipalities, governments, city streets and Interstates, to provide the conveniently and soon-to-be-necessary EV Charging Stations so we can re-charge electric vehicles virtually everywhere.

The simplicity and small footprint of our new electric vehicle charging stations means that anyone, anywhere can easily and quickly add a single EV Charging Stations at their residence, their work, or request that retail and other businesses they frequent, install one in their parking areas for Electric Vehicle consumers.

You can find our request form elsewhere on our web site to facilitate the electric vehicle charging station site requesting process. Every business we talk to sees an immediate and significant advantage to providing these EV Charging Stations as a new and innovative marketing tool that demonstrates that they are environmentally responsible, corporate citizens.

At the heart of this EV Charging Network, and what makes it both economically and commercially sustainable, is a smart, Global communications network that enables EV consumers to locate and access all of the EV Charging Stations via Google Maps on a computer, or by their car, hand-held device, or cell phone enabled GPS. They can see where the charging stations are, if they are available, or occupied, and the distance in miles or battery life.

Each user on the network is provided with a small RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tag that they carry on their key ring that only works in the proximity of a charging station. When they arrive at a charging station, the RFID tag authenticates them as a subscriber to the service and the station is activated, electricity is turned on, and the charging unit further secures their plug-in cord so that it cannot be removed by anyone else.

This secure and encrypted internet authentication means that there is no need to carry coins, cash, or credit cards and there is no mark-up for credit card processing fees. The subscriber can transparently move from city to city and state to state with no concern for which power grid or whose electricity they are using.

The smart electric vehicle charging stations are being installed in both 120 volt and 240 volt fast-charging models and they are constantly monitored and maintained at a central control center that can reset the GFI breaker, or access, and service the units as needed, remotely 24/7.

If an EV is unexpectedly unplugged, or the EV Charging Stations session is preempted, or other problems arise, the vehicle driver is sent a text message by the smart charging station alerting them to the particular issue.

What further makes this system economically sustainable for all concerned is that it is a subscription service, much like the typical cell phone service today. Subscribers sign up for a monthly electric vehicle charging station plan that runs the spectrum from unlimited EV charging sessions, anytime / any day, to various other plans that include off-peak, nighttime and economy, limited charging sessions, depending on individual needs, from about $20 per month. This year the subscription service is Free, as EVCharge America is picking up the cost of all new subscriptions for the balance of 2009.

But the real genius behind this system is the fact that the major share of the subscription revenue paid-in by electric vehicle charging station users is returned to the various host location operators to cover their electric costs and overhead to maintain and monitor the EV Charging Stations system.

It is through this ground-breaking environmental / economic model that a Global network can pencil-out, long-term, so that the goal of a truly massive, Green environmental responsibility movement, can be initiated and sustained, world-wide in a tangible way, starting today, by each of us.

Today, our electric vehicle charging stations are being powered by advanced photo voltaic arrays that are incorporated into a full turn-key EV Charging Stations system. These electric vehicle charging station systems are set up in one of two modes: Either the EV Charging Stations is connected directly to the pure solar energy coming directly off the panels, or the electric vehicle charging station is connected to the electric meter and the solar system is also connected to the electric meter.

In the former case where the EV Charging System is fed directly from the solar source, the energy is 100% off-grid, meaning there is no generation of carbon, or any other green house gasses in the generation of this renewable energy.

While the sun is shining, the latter configuration of electric vehicle charging stations are generating electricity that is fed into the utility company via the electric meter, and in effect, the meter is running backwards and credits are being generated.

At night the EV Charging Stations System is drawing electricity from the meter. There is a substantial net savings to the EV Charging Stations user that operates in this dual mode. And they have the flexibility of anytime electric vehicle charging.


EVCA is currently installing Electric Vehicle Charging Stations for the public, private and residential recharging infrastructure.


Level I and Level II EV charging stations are currently shipping.

Networked with a "Smart grid" system to advise drivers of charging station locations, system status, and system charging performance via SMS text messages and secure, web site portals.


Free subscription plans.


SAE J1772 Connectivity.


We have brand-new Plug-in Electric Vehicles that are immediately available with extended mileage ranges of over 100 miles through improved lithium battery technology.


EVCA is installing Solar carports that are shipping in modular, kit form for quick and easy installation and they interface to electric vehicle charging stations and utility electric grids for net metering.




EV Charging Stations



EV Charging Stations

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Listen to the Radio Interview with EVCharge America CEO on the Electrification of America




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